My photography story started years ago, in the film age. I spent countless hours in the darkroom. Now I spend those hours in the digital lab. But one thing hasn't changed.. my love for this medium. Landscape, nature or portrait, I love to create!



Welcome to my portfolio site. I update here with fresh, new images from my latest shoots.  Stop by often.

I love traveling and the opportunity to create new and unique images.

Light, color, shadow, form and subject combine to create memories of time and place. Possibilities are limitless. So check out images made from my travels to Belize, Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Roatan, Canada, the west coast, Florida, and right here in Wisconsin.


Happy Summer everyone. We had a fantastic turn out for the "Art Crawl" in May. I really enjoyed talking with fellow photographers and swapping travel stories. Next, I will be participating in the RAW Showcase in Milwaukee, WI at The Rave Hall, Wednesday, October 18th, 2017. Go to RAW Milwaukee, search for Sue Merritt under photography to purchase tickets.

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